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We have lists of food products, lists of off-grid materials, lists of non-food products, lists of medical materials, and lists of books. We have emergency treatment lists, water filtrations lists, and individual health lists.
There's one preparation that barely ever makes it on any lists, and my good friend, medical expert Lizzie Bennett of the site Underground Medic is going to describe why this modest product is one of the most essential things you'll ever stock.

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. It waits together and forms a barrier in between your fragile internal organs, your muscles, bones and tendons and the aspects on the exterior.
Your skin is a remarkable organ. It's water resistant however at the very same time semi-permeable. It permits waste items to permeate out, such as sweat and it can straight take in vitamins such as vitamins A, E, and C. It safeguards versus infections too various to point out-- supplying it stays undamaged, however therein lies the issue.

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Emergency preparedness should be taken seriously by every human being.Man-made and natural disasters should be taken into account when planning for emergencies.